Mission and Financial Model

OneStep's structure prioritizes mission over margin while creating sustainable funding streams to benefit recovery efforts

Mission: Connecting People to Hope and Health

OneStep uses content to inspire people affected by mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, and addictiion to find help sooner in their recovery processes. The OneStep platform aims to educate and empower supporters — friends and family members — to walk with their loved ones through these processes. Many individuals affected by mental health challenges take steps toward health with the encouragement and help of a supporter.

Navigating next steps in recovery from a mental health challenge can be complicated and confusing. OneStep’s platform helps clarify the process and enable individuals and families to search for quality, ethical resources around recovery. In the addiction treatment space, navigating the quality and fit of providers can feel overwhelming, particularly because the opportunity for treatment providers to profit have funded a flood of ads and solutions. OneStep launched with a platform through which individuals can search for free or government-funded mental health support in their communities, and is in process of building out a model to help ethical, quality providers connect with individuals and patients that need their services.

Financial Model: Mission Over Margin

In an industry where opportunities for financial gain can distort motivations, OneStep’s organizational and ownership structure demonstrates its overriding commitment to putting people first.  The independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization OneStepHope is now positioned to be the owner of the OneStep entity, so that any profits made will go to impacting the recovery ecosystem. OneStep is proud to launch this first iteration of its platform, but understands that many organizations and additional solutions will be needed to comprehensively address these challenges. OneStep believes that, together with OneStepHope, it can build sustainable revenue streams that can be used to impact the recovery ecosystem.

There are many needs in the ecosystem, including funding for life-changing recovery services, resources that help individuals bridge the gap from treatment back to life, training and education programs, and systems that bring greater data, quality and visibility around treatment. OneStep has pursued this organizational structure in an effort to ensure that mission remains the top priority.

Interested in helping fund this mission? Email the OneStep team at contact@onestep.life, or make a tax-deductible contribution to OneStepHope on our ‘Contribute’ page.