Friend, life is full of unexpected happenings, big and small. We can learn to flow with the ins and outs, the ups and downs, with a greater degree of flexibility and peace. Plans are valuable, but are best held with an open hand.

As you encounter the flow of life, be intentional about where you choose to anchor yourself, and where you choose to embrace flexibility. Our values and convictions are important to hold fast to, but sometimes we create tension and pain by clinging onto plans or expectations that no longer bring life.

Allow yourself to let go of control. Our need to have things go “perfectly” or as we expect is often tied to parts of our heart where we are looking for security. But there are beautiful things to be discovered and experienced as we let go of the fears that keep us constrained. Holding on to things past their time, even good stuff, can rob of us peace and end up causing more damage.

Live with an expectancy for goodness, but be conscious of where specific expectations might be creating stress or a burden. Sometime we step out of peace and kindness because we are stuck on a plan or short-term goal we think is important. But how we position our hearts, and stay connected to peace and love, is what matters most. We can experience greater freedom and creativity as we let go of our need for things to look or feel perfect, or to align with our understanding.

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