Friend, we don’t always have control over where our journey takes us, whether it’s for an hour, a day, or much longer. But we do have a choice about what we do in our surroundings.

Let your kindness brighten the environments in which you find yourself. Find the golden opportunities and beautiful things in the people and places you encounter, whether they’re part of your plan or not. Our actions, our very presence, can shift the tone and mood in the environments we find ourselves.

When plans change or something unexpected happen, choose to the see the opportunity. What may be inconvenience to you may provide a chance to give, or receive, an impactful gift of connection or hope. Put away the focus or attention on what “could” be, or what “should” be, so you can be fully present to those around you.

You are equipped with what you need to say yes to love today. It doesn’t have to be gigantic act. Some of the most beautiful and meaningful things in the world are tiny glimpses of beauty in unexpected places. Even a small flicker has grand impact in a dark place.

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