Friend, you are resilient. You are made to recover, to heal, and to rediscover hope in the process.

When life or situations knock you down – or when you make a poor choice that leaves you on your backside – get up again. How we respond to failure, imperfection, or resistance defines our lives as much or more than the challenge or choice in the first place.

We all need help at points throughout our journeys, and community is a valuable and fulfilling part of life. But don’t forget that you’re powerful. Your decision to stand and move forward again, no matter how you feel, are where change and growth begin. Your resilience is greater than you might know.

Dust yourself off, work to find a solution or clean up your mess as necessary, and get back in the game. You may need to take time to rest and involve community or other resources to get healthy, but you can can allow your heart to start to hope again for the possibilities ahead.

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