Friend, when was the last time you felt excitement or joy that made your skin tingle or the hairs on your neck stand up? Experiencing what makes us fully alive meets a deep human need and empowers us to be present and engaged with others.

It doesn’t have to look the same for you as it does for those around you. For some, it may be climbing a mountain or jumping out of a plane. For others, it may diving into a good book, seeing your child’s smile, or helping meet an important need in your community.

Too often we prioritize activities that others have told us will bring happiness, or that help numb unresolved pain. These behaviors can get in the way of discovering and experiencing what we’re passionate about. Realizing that heart-alive experiences are few and far between is an invitation to explore new activities or understandings of ourselves and the world.

There’s value in making time for special experiences – a camping trip with a loved one, a special meal or family gathering, a concert of the artist you love – but life is too short to wait months or years between these events. Look for daily opportunities for meaningful connection and wonder. We can grow in awareness and appreciation of these moments each day.

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