Friend, there are valuable experiences to be had across the whole range of emotions. Grieving something or someone that has been lost is part of the healing process.

Experiencing sadness in loss shows us that we care. Allow your heart to engage with the pain. It may not feel like it in the moment, but you’re going to be okay. Appreciate this season, but remember that it will pass, and that brighter times are waiting to be discovered again.

Whether sadness and loss has arrived as a result of an uncontrollable event or happening, or whether it’s a consequence of our own choices, know that there is hope.  Grief can inspire us to value and steward well the time that we have and the opportunities in front of us.

Today, don’t run from negative emotions. Allow them to play their role, and remember that there is growth possible in the process. Remember to reach out to other in your journey; you are not meant to walk alone.

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