Friend, Love is more present and powerful than we may think or perceive. Love is active in the midst of the brokenness we see in the world, fighting for good and holding together our existence in ways beyond what we understand. The shame, pain and imperfection that mar our human experience cannot erase the work of Love.

Love is not deterred by situations where fear, control, and powerlessness operate. Love fights for the future and works to bring hope and restoration to the broken. Love creates systems and solutions that benefit future generations. Love invites people into their full potential but refuses to control or manipulate.

If you’re feeling discouraged by the pain and hurt around you, remember that Love is still working. Look for places and people in which you can see its fruit, and let these moments refresh and empower your heart.

Allow yourself to encounter and experience unconditional love in deeper ways. We become more like what we set our gaze upon. The choice we make to shift our perspective empowers us to choose kindness and wisdom over fear and powerlessness, and to release love that impacts the world.

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