Friend, if you’re exhausted from the pursuit of love, it may be because you have been looking for the wrong thing. Some of us have grown weary or dissatisfied in our efforts to experience love because we have misidentified it.

If we call approval “love,” or depend upon it in order to feel okay, we can end up living on the tightrope of needing to please those around us, all the time. But unconditional love is deeper. It’s based on presence and commitment, not perfection or agreement.

Unconditional love is deeper than an individual’s approval; it is a conscious choice to maintain connection regardless of someone’s choices. It’s possible to be loved by someone even if they don’t understand or agree with us all the time.

Experiencing love on this level helps to free us from the treadmill of performance, and gives permission to be, and further discover our full selves. Today, consider your understanding and experience of unconditional love. If it’s lacking, look for sources and community that remain steadfast toward you, no matter where you are in your journey. Love is pursuing you in deeper ways than you might expect.

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