Friend, getting comfortable with imperfection prepares us to better love and support growth. Positive, life-giving experiences often develop through situations that are messy.

The examples around us are many: gardening and growing plants involves a lot of dirt. Raising a child can create a lot of disorder and mess in one’s schedule and home. Various forms of surgery can be life-saving, but require processes that often aren’t neat.

Sometimes we can hinder the growth process by reacting out of fear at the first sign of a mess. Our desire for safety and security can leave us uncomfortable with disorder. Each of us are on a journey of learning how to operate out of love in situations that are imperfect.

Remember that the messiness we encounter doesn’t undermine our value. Some of our discomfort may come from a fear of disconnection or rejection due to either the dirt in our lives or in those close to us.

Love is the answer. We may not always know what to do or say, and we may recognize imperfection in our reactions. But as we continue to allow our hearts to connect with affection and acceptance, we are positioned to support the growth that is happening through the mess.

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