Friend, ever wonder where a bad mood or negative thought is coming from? Sometimes the answer is simpler than we think. There may be a deep heart issue, trauma, or condition that needs to be addressed. But often we may just be hungry or tired.  Making sure our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met can transform our daily disposition and experience of life.

Give yourself permission to recognize that you have needs. Discomfort with asking for help or a fear of being perceived as “needy” can prevent us from accessing what brings us life. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Are you sleeping well? Have you eaten recently or drank enough water? Do you make time to connect with others? Are you finding spiritual connection that helps you understand your place in the world? If not, consider what can change so these things can happen.

At times, prioritizing our needs may feel risky or uncomfortable. If we’ve developed a lifestyle where we are beholden to making others happy, or where our value comes from performance and constant activity, our healthy efforts to take care of crucial needs may feel awkward or hard for us or those around us.

But you’re worth it. Take time for what brings you life. The short-term discomfort of having to say “no” and establish boundaries so that you can rest, or exercise, eat well, or experience connection is worth the long-term health it will bring.

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