Friend, the hoops we run through every day can weary our vision. Situations and challenges around us can begin to seem bigger than they actually are as we grow tired.

Take time to reset your perspective when needed. Allowing ourselves to rest, to “blink,” can help wipe away the layers of fear, anxiety, or guilt that may be clouding our vision. We may need to set our eyes on what stirs hope and life, or invite in something that brings clarity and hope to our perspective.

Sometimes we struggle with our vision because of how we see ourselves. The voice of shame tells us that we are never enough, and leads us to internalize problems. Allow yourself to look through the eyes of Love, both when you think of others and yourself.

Cherish the moments of refreshment that stir hope for your soul. If you haven’t found a solution, or ointment, that refreshes or clarifies your vision, keep looking for it. Greater experiences of hope and peace are possible.

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