Friend, allow yourself to go deeper than you have before. In the depths are treasures that we can discover about ourselves and the world around us. Deeper experiences and understanding of our strengths, passions, and purpose can bring greater joy, wellness, and momentum to our lives.

Challenges and tough situations may be what initially invite us to go deeper. In those times, recognize the opportunity to deal with root issues of the heart. One of the redemptive roles of pain is that identifies places for healing.

We may tend to deal with the situations or behaviors that are visible on the surface. But the source of the challenge – and the key to unlocking greater peace and fulfillment – is often deeper. Understanding both places of pain and the treasures inside of us changes how we see and engage with the world.

There is greater connection, understanding, and hope available than what we have currently experienced. Allow yourself to explore the depths and be fully submersed in Love, until it overflows out of you. When challenging situations arise, take hope in the truth that they may lead to the discovery of great treasure.

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