Friend, make space for the moments where true connection is happening. Learn to recognize these times, as they will look different depending on the person and situation.

When the laughter flows uncontrollably, or an unplanned conversation about deeper things begins to stir, or someone close shares vulnerably from the heart, honor the moment. Connection occurs as we allow ourselves to see others and be seen as we truly are and not just as we wish we would be.

Value the gift that is given through vulnerability. When we allow others to hear us snort or cackle in laughter, or see the wrinkles or warts underneath the surface, we take a brave step that makes meaningful connection possible.

Vulnerability is not just sharing weaknesses or quirks. It can also be communicating our strengths. The false humility that keeps us from acknowledging or being celebrated for areas where we have success limits and inhibits opportunities for being fully known, or sharing these gifts with others.

Today, we can create for moments where genuine connection happens by bringing our full selves to the table, in weakness and in strength.