Friend, during the journey of life we will encounter storms.  As the waves and winds grow, we may not always understand what is happening. Remember that on the other side of the clouds and rain the sun is still shining, and that it will rise again.

Take heart. You’re going to make it through. Listen to the voice of peace, and keep stepping forward. Don’t let the waves and wind intimidate you or keep you from pursuing what brings hope and health in your life. Sometimes we experience resistance to the good that is developing in us, and it’s a sign that we’re heading in the right direction.

In the midst of a storm, stability and safety can take different forms. Sometimes it’s better to leave the vicinity of the event, while at other times it’s important to anchor and batten down the hatches. Lean into the process. You may not always feel comfortable, and that’s okay. Allow community to help you through.

Today, continue to pursue what brings you deeper experiences of hope and peace. Remember the prize in front of you. The winds and waves may shift the destination from what you’re anticipating, but there is hope on the other side, and what lies beyond the storm is worth it.

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