Understanding the Problem

The Importance of Awareness: Starting the Journey to Greater Mental Health

Feelings of disappointment, dissatisfaction, and emptiness are not pleasant, but invite us to look for new sources and experiences of hope and growth. Whether it’s simply feeling down, or a challenge with addiction or another mental health issue, awareness is an important first step. Embracing the questions these feelings raise — what’s wrong? what can change and bring more life? — can lead to answers that spur greater health, hope, and purpose. What we’re looking for may not even be what we think it is. It’s okay to have questions, and to go at our own pace. Whatever your current experience may be, we’re here to encourage you in your journey.


Looking for More?

Have you ever achieved a goal, but then not felt as happy, or recognized, or satisfied as you thought you would?
Have you ever struggled to pursue the dream or thing that you are passionate about, or find your passion?
Have you struggled to find deep, meaningful connection in relationships?
Have you ever dealt with significant consequences because of your use of drugs or alcohol?
Have you ever wondered if there is more for you in life, or felt that you cannot change?

An Invitation to Greater Mental Health

These questions can be uncomfortable, but each represents an invitation to look for growth towards greater mental health. There’s power in putting to words what we may be feeling internally. Verbalizing helps us recognize the need for change. Maybe there’s a thought in your mind hoping that there is more — love, life, purpose — than you’re currently experiencing. Or, you find yourself wondering if — or knowing — that you have an unhealthy attachment to a substance or something else that is creating harmful consequences.

Defining “More”

“More” doesn’t have to be greater achievement, or external success. It may involve something tangible, but it may also be something more internal, like a greater sense of purpose, confidence, connection, and hope. In fact, we sometimes can get stuck in the perspective that “more” must be external. Maybe you have experienced that before, where you sacrifice present peace and health for some future reward or goal, only to be disappointed upon reaching that point. If you’re wondering about any of these questions today, that’s a great first step.

Seizing the Opportunity to Try Something New

At OneStep, our goal is that individuals would feel inspired and empowered to continue their unique journey through life in the pursuit of greater hope and greater mental health. The only way to experience something new is to try something new, whether that be a new lifestyle, decision, perspective, or way of thinking. Our primary focus is encouraging individuals that are looking to change how they relate to substances or behaviors that can be addictive, but our content may be helpful for a range of challenges. Whatever the challenge is, it’s not just about “fixing” a problem, but discovering greater mental health and hope in life.

When we recognize a need to change, it’s a great time to try something new. So, today, think of one new thing. Ask a question that you haven’t before. Look for something in your life that stirs hope or curiosity. Or, identify someone who has more of what you want — success, joy, peace, confidence, relationship — and look for ways to learn from them. Is there a hobby, or aspects of spirituality that resonate with you?

Or, just keep scrolling through our platform. We’ll be sharing further perspectives on recovery, and rediscovering life, throughout our platform. Whether you struggle with depression, or are just going through some tough times, or think you might drink too much, or have a drug addiction, there’s hope for you.

Inspiration and connection can unlock greater satisfaction and hope in life, and we’re here to help.



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